China Made Moth Traps

A quick search of Amazon pantry moth traps reveals a sudden change in the pheromone lure moth trap landscape. Just a few years ago the search on amazon would return well-known brands like Able Catch, BioCare, Black Flag, Catchmaster, Pro-Pest, SpringStar, Safer, and Terro. All quality American Made products. Each pantry moth trap uses a basic cardstock glue board and wrapped pheromone chip attractant.

Imported Moth Traps

Recently new players flooded the market, with the entire trap foil wrapped because of an ‘integrated bait’ and an identical shape…  First Dr Killigan’s , then months later Killer Green, now eboot, PersProfi and Gecko-Guard.

Amazon doesn’t mention the country of origin, even when asked:

“with the chemical bait integrated into the clue, I am concerned about safety. where in the USA is the product manufactured?

the company answered that ‘they are in California’,

but eprariecat chimed showing everyone that bottom of the box, indicated “Made In China”

The address for Dr Killigans is in redding, CA but the box says made in China.
By eprairiecat on August 21, 2015

killigans china moth trap

Beef with China?

Pantry Moth Trap Guide wants to be clear that we have no issue with China Made Moth Traps, as long as they are disclosed.

American consumers have a right to know the country of origin on products they use anywhere at home.  But especially products placed near food, pets and people.  The materials and chemicals included in the manufacturing process matter.   (everyone remembers the Baby Formula and Chinese Dog Food  fiascos).  Additionally customers increasingly try to source locally with a goal of reducing their carbon footprint.   The sourcing of products has an impact on each item’ s global warming potential (gwp).    A pantry moth trap made in New Jersey has a very minimal carbon footprint compared to a trap made in china.   Additionally, the product to package ratio ( amount and type of packaging) matters in terms of sustainable packaging

We routinely get questions from Pet owners concerned about the levels chemicals inside Integrated pheromone baits.   For many customers, mystery and miracle claims raise red flags given the tainted safety record of ‘safe’ dog foods and baby formulas.

Same importer different skin?

Of the list of new moth traps on the market, no country of origin is visible on the images seen on Amazon.  Secret shoppers are forwarding box photos for our reality roundup, where we will provide images of every side of the box.   When it comes to your home, you have a right to know what’s inside a product.

Until then, we’ve collected images of these latest players, and oddly they all have the same design…

Dr Killigan pantry moth traps



Pest Profi Pantry Moth traps version

What do you think?  Would you choose an American Made moth trap, or chance the chinese ‘it’s in there’ integrated approach…


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