Moth Trap Innovations - Able Catch

We keep an eye on Pantry Moth Traps here at!  It's an odd thing to say, because there really has not been much change in the world of Moth Control specifically via Pheromone lures.

We heard rumors last year that Traps Direct was entering the moth trap market with a couple design innovations.   When it comes to moth trap design, the changes are innovative to be conservative or 'wow' to be effusive.    So what's the buzz? Continue reading »

How to Control Pantry Moths

Pesticide Free Pantry Moth Traps

Welcome to our free guide to Pantry Moths & Moth traps

Learn how to find the best Pantry Moth traps.
What makes good moth traps, Where to Buy moth traps and moth infestation control.

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Once you have discovered a pantry moth infestation, getting rid of moths with effective pest control is the next step. But, with so many types of moth traps available ( Traps Direct pantry moth traps, pantry pest, Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps, Safer brand, Black Flag, Raid, JF Oakes and others) how do you choose?
Our guide to buy moth traps makes deciding which moth pheromone traps easy. You can find relevant information on "Effective and Safe Moth Traps" right here!
Learn which Moth traps offer the best pest control of Moths without the expense of professional exterminators or pesticide poisons.
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How to Pick pantry moth traps

Moth Traps - Discrete, effective and trusted

So what makes Pantry Moth traps different from each other?
This part of the guide to choosing Moth traps will focus on how moth traps vary.

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There are many brands of pantry moth traps available ( Catchmaster, safer brand, pantry pest, bio-care, revenge, JF Oakes, gardens alive and others), to choose from.  Choosing between the variety comes down to the specific benefits of Moth Traps, where to buy them and how well they work. Continue reading »

How to get rid of moths

Pantry Moth Infestation Control (Part 2)

As we said in Part 1, once you see one pantry moth flying around your kitchen it's time to focus on getting rid of all the pantry moths you haven't seen yet. By now the Pantry Moths have moved from egg, to larvae to Pupae and now you have adult pantry moths. Pantry Moths who just want to start the pantry moth life cycle all over.
Controlling a pantry moth infestation is the key when figuring how to get rid of moths. Our focus is on getting rid of moths particularly pantry moth infestation control: how to get rid of moths naturally, including use of pantry pest moth traps and some folk remedies. Continue reading »