How to Pick pantry moth traps

Moth Traps – Discrete, effective and trusted

So what makes Pantry Moth traps different from each other?
This part of the guide to choosing Moth traps will focus on how moth traps vary.

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There are many brands of pantry moth traps available ( Able Catch, Catchmaster, safer brand, pantry pest, bio-care, revenge, JF Oakes, gardens alive and others), to choose from.  Choosing between the variety comes down to the specific benefits of Moth Traps, where to buy them and how well they work.

After all, we want to trap Moths without poisons or waste.

Catch Pantry Moths with Pantry Moth Traps

We will look factors to consider when choosing moth traps. In particular the Size of the Moth Traps, Appearance of the moth traps, How are thePantry Moth Traps moth traps packaged, included lures (embedded in glue, double or single wrapped) and moth trap assembly requirements.

The best pantry moth traps will get rid of Pantry Moths with a large trapping surface, strong individually wrapped moth pheromone lure, a discrete appearance, and moth traps ideally should have simple directions and easy assembly.    Beyond the trap itself, the carbon footprint should also be considered:  Where is the trap produced,  what are the packaging to product ratio and volume to product ratio.

With so many brands on the market, we decided to use CatchMaster Moth Traps when we give examples. ( Catchmaster has been in business over 55 years, and you can buy Catchmaster pantry moth traps from Cleaner Today )

So let’s get started:

Moth Trap Sizes

Moth Trap dimensions do matter. The larger the moth trap, the larger the sticky glue surface the better the moth trap.  Also, consider the size of the opening that moth is able to fly into.   You can’t catch a moth if they can’t find the way to the pheromone bait.  The moth glue surface should be vegetable based and very sticky (Stickiness is affected by packaging and age, see Moth traps packaging below).

Catchmaster moth traps dimensions are 8.5″ x 5.25″ with a glue region dimensions 4.5″ x 6.75″ for a total glue surface area of over 30 square inches! (The overall trap is 40 sq in). This large dimension surface area folds into a triangle so that Every side is covered in glue increasing the odds of an effective catch.  Other Moth traps have 50% less coverage, and some use a glue board that is bent in a curve, which leaves the ‘top side’ of the trap with no glue surface, wasting 50% of the catch area. Always consider the shape and coverage of trapping surface area when assessing how able the trap is to catch the pantry moths!

Appearance of the moth traps

The moth traps are going to be located in your cupboard, kitchen, garage and other areas that guest might notice.  We consider the appearance of the moth trap to be very important.  A discrete trap blends into your home and doesn’t create an uncomfortable social situation where you would have to admit that you have a moth problem.

We have found moth traps with appearances that shocked us!

We are not going to name – names, but this is a round up of the various appearances only 1 was discrete:

  • Yellow and Black moth traps with large brand lettering.
  • Black and White Alternating stripe moth traps that hang flat catching canned goods as much as moths.
  • White Moth traps on with Black printed brand name and instructions on the visible side.
  • Moth Traps that are actually the package that you need to cut in half.
  • Pantry Moth trap printed with a busy bird seed pattern
  • Wood Grain, brown and black, no brand printing moth traps

Between all of these pantry moth traps, only one met the standard of discretion. The Catchmaster moth trap(s) were able to blend into the environment and not attract attention.

No one wants to be embarrassed by guests seeing ugly moth traps in your home!

Packaging Matters

So packaging doesn’t seem exciting, but in our mind, it is an important aspect in choosing moth traps. The package should preserve the pheromone moth traps until you are ready to use them, and ideally, there should be for individual pheromone moth trap packets. When we looked at packaging we found most pheromone moth traps packaged in cardboard boxes. These boxes are not airtight and as a result, the moth trap can be affected by the heat, humidity and cold cycle that existed where ever the trap was stored.
Alternatively, the Catchmaster Pheromone Moth Traps were packaged in airtight cellophane protecting the pheromone and sticky glue traps from the environment until you are ready to use them.

When looking at packaging also consider whether the pheromones are packed individually or in a double pack.  Many brands choose the lower cost of double packing the pheromone, but this leads to waste by forcing you to use both pheromone moth traps at once. As an example moth traps made by catchmaster have two individually wrapped red pheromone squares.

Easy to Assemble Moth Traps

Finally, we explore we consider how simple the moth trap assembly is. There were 3 different assembly techniques:

  1. Sticky Glue board is the moth trap!
    The catchmaster moth trap is an example, there are only 2 pieces, the glue board is the trap, remove the glue protective paper, drop the pheromone on the moth trap board, and fold; every side of the inside has glue. Simple!
  2. Glue board goes into a trap tent
    Other brands had a trap tent which was pre-folded. The tent was then popped-up and a separate glue board would have a pheromone dropped on it, then the glue board would slide into the tent.
    This approach had the problem of the glue board sticking to the tent when sliding in. Also as mentioned in trap area, this tent approach leaves half of the inside of the moth trap with no glue surface.
  3. The package is cut in half, then glue board insertedThe Moth trap contains no tent, the outer cardboard package is intended to be cut in half and used as a tent for the glue board to slide into. This approach while admirable for recycling has an appearance that we mentioned above as not discrete. And the additional issue of the most complex assembly left this trap at the bottom of our list.

Pantry Moth Traps: Where to buy?

Once you have decided on a moth trap brand, then you need to choose a vendor for your moth traps. Home Depot, Lowes, and other garden centers may stock some pantry moth traps (they may call them grain moth traps, flour moth traps or kitchen moth traps), but prices vary, and supply is not always consistent.

We have found the internet to be the best place to comparison shop for pantry moth traps. Pantry Pest Moth Traps can range wildly in prices, and then shipping charges can be another adventure.

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Say good bye to Pantry Moths!

So review the information about moth traps we have included, and take control of your pantry moths with pantry moth traps!