Moth Trap Innovations – Able Catch

We keep an eye on Pantry Moth Traps here at!  It’s an odd thing to say, because there really has not been much change in the world of Moth Control specifically via Pheromone lures.

We heard rumors last year that Traps Direct was entering the moth trap market with a couple design innovations.   When it comes to moth trap design, the changes are innovative to be conservative or ‘wow’ to be effusive.    So what’s the buzz?

The science of the Female Indian Meal Moth Pheromone ( Plodia interpunctella ) was discovered decades ago.   There have been a few changes in the lure system.  Some traps use a lure integrated into the glue ( which has mixed results, especially if the entire trap is not air tight during storage), but most traps use a pheromone soaked chip that  is placed on the glue.

Basic glue based moth trap design comes down to a paper board that folds into a triangle.  Advances in the design have not happened often.    The most stirring was a Moth Trap that had an arc or arch, fastened by a rubber grommet.

able catch pantry pest trap front

Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap

The pheromone moth trap from Traps Direct has been launched under a new brand called “Able Catch”.   To avoid confusion with non-food moths, Instead of being called only a ‘moth trap’ or ‘pheromone trap’, it calls out where it should be used as a “Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap” (ACPPT)
Some of the features include:

    These are the most inventive idea to fly in to a moth trap in decades.  The TAB portion of the moth trap is used to assemble the trap, but then the slot is locked into the lower portion of the tab body using slot tacks (a type of slot clip or lock that holds the trap together)
    This frees the upper portion of the tab to be used as a mounting system.   The outer quarter inch round of the tab is pre-cut and tacked at the halfway point to enable TAB WING Hooks, Loops or a even just to tuck into a surface.
    There is a lot to learn about this patented design feature and we will publish another article dedicated learn more about the innovative Able Catch Tab Wings
  • Four Sided Trap
    Instead of a triangle, Able Catch Traps have added another side.  Typically moth traps have avoided a square, because of the tendency to collapse on itself.  But the Able Catch Trap is using a “trapezoid” which has the each side slightly different in length, when crushed the trap deforms into a triangle preventing collapse.
    The Trapezoid design allows a 200% larger Active Trap Flight Entrance (ATFE)
  • Zero Waste Packaging
    There is no package, Able Catch Traps are designed for an e-commerce world, no UPC code, only a QR Scan Code.
  • Instructions on the Glue Side
    No separate direction page that gets thrown away, instructions are printed under the glue and full instructions are at a new website Able Catch Guide
    Able Catch Glue Side
  • Modern Look
    No wood grain  or plain jane exterior on this trap.  Instead a Natural Stone pattern with a leaf green color blend into modern kitchens.
  • Single Wrap Pheromone
    Many high end moth traps have gone to individually wrapped pheromone lures allowing the Sentinel Moth Trap technique to be employed with a single moth trap at a time

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