How to Control Pantry Moths

Pesticide Free Pantry Moth Traps

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What makes good moth traps, Where to Buy moth traps and moth infestation control.

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Once you have discovered a pantry moth infestation, getting rid of moths with effective pest control is the next step. But, with so many types of moth traps available ( Traps Direct pantry moth traps, pantry pest, Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps, Safer brand, Black Flag, Raid, JF Oakes and others) how do you choose?
Our guide to buy moth traps makes deciding which moth pheromone traps easy. You can find relevant information on “Effective and Safe Moth Traps” right here!
Learn which Moth traps offer the best pest control of Moths without the expense of professional exterminators or pesticide poisons.

How to get rid of Moths?

When trying to get rid of pantry moths, you have several choices: Use an Exterminator, Do it yourself pesticide sprays or Pantry Moth Traps. Effective infestation control to get rid of pantry moths is based on several factors including pheromone, glue and trap design.

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When those little brown moths infest a room, it’s best NOT to spray pesticides or poison sprays in food storage areas, cabinets, or office environments. In these cases glue traps become the safe and sure way to get rid of Pantry Moths.
A common question is what kind of moths do I have? Most commonly the Indian meal moth and Mediterranean flour moth are found as flying adults and in webbing as pantry moths larvae. Sometimes a grain moth, mill moth, or miller moth may be found. Collectively these food moths are called pantry moths (they are the true pantry pests!)

Glue based pheromone Moth traps are the gold standard for trapping a pantry pest moths in your kitchen cupboard or anywhere in your home. Many times moth traps may be named based on the type of moth they attract for example indian meal moth traps, flour pantry moth traps or birdseed moth traps. As long as a moth trap uses a pheromone it will work on any food or grain moths you might find in your kitchen cupboard, pantry or garage.
You can safely dispose of Moths in household garbage once caught they have been caught by a Catchmaster Moth trap. The traps can also are used to positively identify which type of moths are in your home (almond moth, indian meal moth, miller moth, grain moth or cereal moths). Identification of the source of moths is essential to get rid of moths because it leads you to discover where to clean and placement of moth pheromone traps.

Using Pantry Moth traps in your home.

In this how to chapter we’ll look at how pantry moth traps are best used in homes including placement of traps, and explore some myths about Pantry Moths Infestation patterns and behaviors.

Where to Buy Pantry Moth Traps and what to look for.

Finally, we explore what to look for when you buy Traps for Pantry Moths.
The term pantry or food moth traps includes kitchen moth traps, flour pantry moth traps and indian meal moth traps.

When looking at moth traps we consider where to buy moth traps (Home Depot, Lowes, Cleaner Today etc).

We also consider what brand pantry moth traps. There are so many brands of moth traps on the market ( Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap, Catchmaster pantry pest traps, , safer brand moth trap, JF Oakes, revenge moth traps and others), some proven moth traps and other traps less effective. Like many products it’s a good idea to read reviews from other home owners experience with moth traps ( Reputable sites include Moth Trap Reviews at or Best Moth Trap Reviews).

And consider the types of moth traps (pheromone moth traps, ‘sticky-glue-traps’, and glue bait moth tents). Let’s explore moth trap price vs trap construction and quality to help choose the best pantry moth control for the price.

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